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News in the FIP festival


The FIP - the International Marketing, Creativity, Innovation and Events Festival, affirms as one of the most important world wide contest of marketing ideas and awards. Among other news, this year communicates the launching of the new orientatrions of the Festival and new rubrics which are going to be analyzed by an important jury composed of 70 members.

The FIP is a contests that rewards the best ideas of marketing that join 17 groups of categories those that add 112 options of tools or technical. His prestige, based in the quality of his judgement to charge of numerous international experts and a system of vote by points without intervention of "sworn finalists" is widely recognized in all Latin America, North America and Europe. It has attained to establish as one of the most important contests of the world in his groups, Supported from does eleven years by the participation of agencies of marketing, of advertising, of promotions, of direct marketing, and until producers of events that Represent an enormous variety of actions of international marks.

Is born in the year 1999 under the name "The Winners " taking entries only from Argentina and Uruguay. To the little time begins to receive asked for inscriptions campaigns of other countries and pushed by the interest showed in the market, the Executive Committee of the festival initiates intense trips and negotiations hit with Europe, attaining for campaigns of Spain and Portugal, converting like this in FIP.

The FIP. year to year, realizes around the world an exhaustive research of expert professionals in the subject eat; executives of marketing of companies, of marks, creative directors of agencies and specialized teachers, with the end of conform his nominates of juries, have the responsibility, from his respective countries and by means of a system on-line highly confidential, to realize an evaluation to the campaigns presented, awarding him points to the same, taking in account determined concepts, classifying them to receive or no, prizes in each one of the 112 Categories in that qualified the festival. The installation of the juries on-line without sworn finalists finished to consolidate the festival in 2017.

The FIP 2017 presents 112 categories and an exceptional jury that will achieve to seventy members. This wide offer of possibilities give through the eight options of disciplines of marketing in that they divide the categories, what gives a wide fan of options that to the same time certifies how much of polemic shuts the terminology "Below the Line" adjudicated to the current marketing to the XXI Century.

In our web site is already available the way to send material and the options to facilitate the upload of the corresponding presentations; with the complete and necessary information about each rubric which qualifies as a Crystal, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze award.

FIP also provides the opportunity to get tickets for the proclamation party of winners named “The Champions of FIP”, with considerable discounts by requesting them online.
As every year, the organizers have established how to send material and disposed the reception in a digital way.
With this purpose, the contest organization will provide a password to each participant contestant and member of the jury.
On the first stage, the material required has to be sent in a digital way.
This will implicate a minimum cost for the participant/contestant.
FIP shows every laminate received and recognizes the different merits of each action, leads by marketing departments which belong to important companies and agencies with well known experience.


As the expositions of most distinguished laminates are currently increasing, we have launched a new program of travelling work, named “The FIP Promotion Tour”. To get more information about FIP: promo.noticias@fipfestival.com.ar


This Festival keeps announcing an special new award. In this case we refer to “ Recognition of THE Three Previous Years ”, which will be given to the agencies on the top ranking of FIP awards across the last years.
This ranking is updated yearly, and established by the summary of points that the agencies are gaining with the different awards and according to the score table attributed on the Festival.


Once more, Spain having a mark able protagonist in FIP. This time, with the integration of its qualify representative group on the jury who is goig to evaluate FIP inscriptions. To get more information about FIP: prensa@fipfestival.com.ar